Why Southwest Bison

Our process starts at conception.

We select strong, healthy bison whose genetics have survived the rigors of North America for millions of years.

We then give them access to the quality native grasses and forbs they deserve, upon which, they are the ‘Proper Fauna’.

Weight gain is a natural phenomenon for our healthy animals.  However, weight gain is not the sole measure of a bison’s quality or contribution.

Because of the unavoidable development of fencing and urban development, the once vast roaming herds (now remnant) have been replaced by healthy managed family groups.

We manage the herd in as much of a “hands-off” manor as possible.  Herd health and well-being, which includes social dynamics and the struggle for herd dominance, is a natural existence for bison. In this way, we yield to nature, but provide systems and programs that minimize bruising and injury.

Bruising is a common cause of meat waste and can be significantly reduced, by our low stress techniques of handling, transport, and harvest.

Everything we do impacts the quality of the meat on your plate, including holistic and regenerative land-care directives.

Our philosophy is a “nose to tail” harvest. That means use every part of the animal, from luxurious hides, wholesome ground meat, delicious steaks, to your pet’s favorite snack or meal.

We welcome you in our journey as we honor this mighty and majestic animal.  By welcoming you, we welcome them, and their return to the North American landscape.